Wednesday we headed out of Digby before most of the locals were even out of bed and headed for the Annapolis Royal gardens. We got there a little early so walked through the quaint and very old town before returning to find that the gardens would be closed for a while longer while they sprayed. Frustrating! Too bad as it looked like a nice garden.
We stopped off at the Tidal Bore near Truro to pick up the last of our Nova Scotia Souvenirs but one… then headed to Jost Wineries near Malagash.
Nice winery! Stopped to sample, purchase and have lunch on the grounds. That was our last souvenir stop for the trip.
We had to rearrange the van a bit as we had a couple of extra cases to fit in there somehow….

Back through Truro and Moncton with a stop at Magnetic Hill and then onwards to the only campsite we could find before Fredericton, Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park, right off the highway.