Even though we’ve had more than a dozen if not two dozen nights of frost, it continues to be warm in the area. Weather is nothing if not variable.
The garlic should be getting a good start before the ground freezes solid, which may not happen for another few weeks.
The cold room continues to be doing well, no mice and relatively cool and stable temperatures in the 9-10 deg C range. Much better than inside the house wildly fluctuating between 14 and 24.
This past weekend was one of the best in months. We finely had time to be at home without outside commitments. Having the Saskatchewan Roughriders win the Western Final was an added bonus.
We got caught up on a lot of TV that has been piling up for a few weeks and got to relax.
Kim actually got a chance to do some solar observing through the Coronado Solarmax and a few images of the flares as well.