After work last night, we came home and looked at the gardens, and low and behold the bugs are now in force. We picked off potato bugs on the tomatoes, yes they are of the same family, and found eggs and a new generation of them. In the bucket they go.

Looking at the brocolli, the leaves were being eaten, and behold there were some cabbage catipillars, ranging in size from 2.5 cm down, they are now toast.

The smaller weeds are starting to come up, a little hoeing will take care of them.

The peas have not started to flower yet, getting late, and the radishes, golden beets, cabbage, spinach and parsnip are starting to go to flower, and so is the green onions. Most of these were from over wintering, so this is the natural cycle, more seeds for next year.

Potatoes are mostly up, a few stragglers, onions are coming along nicely, and the garlic has been heavily infested with leek moth larvea and catipillars. We sprayed them a few nights ago with BTK an organic bug killer. I do not like doing this, but if I want any type of scape this year, we need to save the garlic.

The King of the Garden Lima beans, did not come up in the fibre pots, they went mushy. This was suggested as they are an older year seed. I have two left they are going direct in the garden.

I need to replant the cucumber, and the pumpkin seed, that was accidently hoed over. Also another squash seed, as only one has come up. Beans were very sporadic in coming up as well, so they will get replanted.

It will be a day of replanting, checking, hoeing and weeding before the rain this afternoon……..the cycle of gardening is never done.