L&A HortSoc (code for Lennox and Addington Horticultural Society) met last night (Wednesday February 15th, 2012) at the new location, the Napanee FireHall Training Room.

We set up the room similar to last month, with a table up front in the middle for the president and guest speaker, another over to the left to handle the membership coordinator and secretary, and one over to the right for handouts and information.

The table at the back was set up for snacks and treats.
We also heated up the room last night as some folks were a little cold in January.
Our scheduled speakers could not make it so the President, Hildegard, stepped in and talked about succulent plants.
19 people were in attendance.

It was announced that the Annual Plant Sale would be held at the Market behind Napanee Town Hall on Saturday May 26th, 2012. This will be held in conjunction with the regular biweekly Farmers Market at this site.