For the last 5 days now, our automated routines for copying data from home up to this starlightcascade web server have failed.
We are using linux fedora 15 and a client program called lftp to push files up on regular schedules to a server running linux fedora 16 and a server side program called vsftpd.
The system has been running flawlessly for some years and now we are plagued by partial connections, timeouts and no files transferred.
Instead of very fast uploads completed we are sitting at
`index2.htm’ at 0 (0%) [Sending data]
for minutes on end.
Computers at both ends have been restarted. The house router and switches have been restarted.
We’ve tried other ftp clients like Filezilla from other systems within the house. Same problems.
We’ve tried FTPing to other servers in the same area as this one. Same problems.
What’s left? Did the Internet Service Provider change something?
More tests continue along with some alternative methods such as using rsync will be coming up.

Depending of course if there is any time left in the day… Game of Thrones is on tonight 🙂