Our seed potatos from last fall were too eager to get into the ground… long long roots growing even when being stored in our dark cool cold room. Enough was enough and they had to go in the ground.. and so they did on Saturday May 5th, 2012.

We have 16 types this year including:
1) Norgold russett
2) Epicure
3) Irish Cobbler
4) Caribe
5) Bluenose
6) Warba
7) Superior
8) Norland
9) Carola
10) Morning Glory
11) Brigus
12) Russian Blue
13) Green Mountain
14) White Rose
15) Blue Victor
16) Yukon Gold

Each get at least five hills, some up to ten.
They are planted in Veg beds #4A and 4B, totaling about 350 ft^2.
We added type #17, five hills of Kennebec on May 20th.