This time of year is always a busy one in the garden. We are only able to work outside for the few cooler hours in the morning. By solar noon, it is just too hot and too high UV to work anymore.
So Monday May 28th, 2012 we started in on garden maintenace.

  • five yards of natural cedar mulch was delivered for the flower beds
  • Veg bed#5 unplanted sections were cultivate with the tiller and some leftover tomatos and marigolds from the plant sale were planted.
  • Veg bed #4east had overgrown with grass. That was all pulled out.
  • Veg Bed #4A,B,C were weeded. Potatos bugs are out, even though the potatos are just poking through the ground. Potatos Bugs are on the tomatos and laying eggs on grass blades.
  • The grape vine beds were weeded and watered. Only 5 survived the winter, 1 on the west bed, 4 n the east bed.
  • Various evergreen trees had the bottom limbs trimmed off, to allow for more air circulation, mower and trimmer access, and because in many cases had grown too far out and were blocking walkways.
  • The Lee Valley downspout diverters we have to take rainwater out of the downspout and into a hose for water barrels and stuff, actually brought along shingle particles as well. It will need a decanting bucket system to stop this.
  • Several tree mulch beds were weeded out front.
  • The earth berm protecting the veg bed #5 was added to, to stop water when the creek overflows.
  • The mailbox barrel was overgrown with grass, so that was all cut out and flowers were replanted yet again. They never seem to do too well what with the total sun and a tendency to dry out quickly.
  • The neighbourhood fox came wandering around in early evening right up against the back fence.
  • No raccoon visits for a couple of days, now that we take in the bird and hummingbird feeders in the late evening.
  • The only items left to plant in the ground are the 2nd set of pepper seedlings… The first set were eaten by a mouse that got into the greenhouse. Hoepfully they can go in this weekend.

    Tuesday we start in on the driveway flower beds, pulling out the grass and putting in a thick layer of mulch.