Looks like the lat time I wrote about the Napanee Community Food Bank Garden was back about the July 19th, 2012 visit. We skipped the next week as it was raining that day and the garden becomes inpenetrable during rain… multiple kilos of clay soil sticks to your boots.
We were there on August 2nd and watered and weeded. Things are still looking good.
We skipped August 9th as it was raining again.
This week others:

Other completed the following during the
week of August 6
“We ripped the lettuce out yesterday. I took in 1 1/2 bushels of beans, 1 bushel of tomatoes, 10lbs of onions, 1/4 bushel of beets and a few peppers today.”
week of August 2
“On Thurs morning we harvested 3/4 bu.tomatoes, 1/2 bu.beets,1/4 bu green peppers, and 10lb.onions, and took all in to the food bank. “