Looking back at yesterday’s blog post about more garden prep, I thought the work described would not be that hard.
hmmmph! Memory fails as do muscles.
An hour of hard tilling got the grass and weeds uprooted and the soil relatively levelled in the south end of veg bed #5.
The tiller (a tiny little mantis) was frequently overwhelmed and needed to be stopped and cleaned out of accumulated roots and debris from the tines.

One of my arms is numb 🙂 We finally stopped after the tiller got jammed up yet again and was suffering from severe overheating as well.

Seven bags of sheep manure were dumped into about 14×18=250ft^2. One of the downsides were the low soil depth in some sections of the bed. Looks like we made need to add to it before planting as we may not even have the 4-6 inches we need for garlic.

This will be tilled in probably tomorrow along with a little more earth, if we can find it.