franktown weather radar image of 2012 sept 08 at 10:00 local (14:00 UT)

Scary.. and we didn’t even know it.

On Saturday September 8th, 2012 around 10:00 Edt, a tornado touched down just west of Odessa, about 10 minutes south of us in Yarker Ontario. We ourselves did not see or hear or otherwise know it happened other than the downpour of rain that we got at that time.
This is the closest tornadic event to our home ever.

Below is our weather station graph of the day, showing moderate winds but a lot of rain at 10:00 local.

The Kingston Whig Standard newspaper has a story on it here.

More from wikipedia:
September 8, Environment Canada confirmed that an F2 tornado touched down near the town of Odessa, Ontario. The path was estimated to be 6 km long, and it destroyed a large workshop, throwing the roof 1000 feet. A man was in the workshop at the time of the tornado, but escaped uninjured. [111]

Update 2012 sept 10: we drove through the area and it is farther away then we thought… actually on the western side of country road #4. South down county road #7 to withers road. We travelled west along the road and spotted many area of tree devestation,some outbuildings as mentioned in the newspaper report but in general, not nearly as much visible damage as we thought we might see. There were no tracks in dirt fields, no tracks in planted fields, only areas of trees down. Nearby homes and yards looked perfectly normal.