Interesting story behind Vermillion Bay (2009). We came in to the private camping area and found a nice area along the water Vermillion Bay. Started a fire, and had dinner. Then we took our chairs to the dock, of course I had to put my foot in to see how cold it was, it was chilly. As we sat on the dock we watched these large battalion clouds coming through that were very scary looking Vermillion Bay Clouds.

We turned to look east and found this nasty looking inverted Vermillion Baytornado looking cloud.

There was only one other camper there that night, but it was a beautiful night. The trains however were going through like every hour, and that kept us awake.

We got up the next morning to rain and we followed On the road homethis, ahead of us on the road and the black bears that crossed the road.

We later heard on the radio that Vaughan was struck by a tornado from the same storm system, that created quite the destruction

We were lucky. We had no wind, only light drizzle in the morning, but I will never forget the battalion clouds.