Well Happy Birthday to me ! Kevin bought me a tablet “Nexus 7”. I must say that it is quite amazing though I have to get used to typing with two fingers, since I am used too typing with all fingers. So far I have read Email,typed in the blog, checked out some features on the unit, oh I hope that I can get the 3d Sun app. Getting ready too check out the google Calendar. Just got a call from Dad(Walter) too wish me Happy BD. They live in snow lane this year, lots of snow in Saskatchewan. Will check in later with more news on the tablet. Oh Kevin, found the manual…its online in the tablet.

Updated: 2012 Dec 03
After a weeks worth of work, it really appears that this is a winner.
Once programmed into our house wifi, we have had no reconnect issues whatsoever. Response time is very good. Viewing of PDFs is much much better than the Kobo 1st model reader. We tried skype and while not as good as a desktop, it still worked.