Tamworth is 22km north of Camden East on County Road #4, about 20-25 minutes north.


Weighing the Costs
Building a Case for a Local Food Economy

Tuesday November 20, 2012
7 p.m.
Tamworth Public Library

Local food advocate Karen Holmes will compare a local food system with the global food system.

Cost, availability and convenience are the most common reasons consumers rely on the global food system. However, the hidden costs of this are not readily apparent. This interactive workshop will deal with the real costs of our food and the sustainability of a local food system.

Karen has been involved in local food issues for over ten years. She has published articles in The Scoop, Food Down the Road, The Hamilton Spectator and LILIPOH. At their home in Bellrock, Karen and her husband raise chickens and Russian bees and operate a small-scale market.

Admission: Free
Refreshments will be served