cellbatteryTo those of you who have had laptops, you know that the batteries never last as long as they should, as you think, or as promised. We are thinking the same for cellphones now.

A legacy (ie not smart) phone less than two years old… the battery will not hold the charge for more than 48 hours now. That really doesn’t help a lot. One’s expectations are at least 7 days when not used at all. It’s meant mainly for emergency purposes on the road and you can get into a good weekly routine to charge it up (and we did… for the first two years).
Attempts at buying from a retail outlet (over ten of them in the local mall) resulted in…”no that’s too old and we don’t carry it”.

Amazon.ca to the rescue.
Found one for < $10 which was amazing, shipping another $6. Not too shabby at all. Only they say it was mailed (postmarked) on Dec 12 in Richmond Hill Ontario, not that far away. SEVEN days to arrive as lettermail. gimmeabreak. oh well. Plugged it into the phone and charged it up overnight. Now we start the trial... how long will it last? The suspense mounts!