58140998I started reading Tom Clancy way back when “The Hunt for Red October” was released in 1984. The next few books in time tailored nicely into my military interests of the time (Red Storm Rising, Patriot Games). Then I stopped as his writing shifted into a collaborative universe that just didn’t work for me.
Now a decade of two later, I am looking back at his newer work and have just picked up “Dead or Alive” (2010). If it works out (we’ll find out in the next week or so), I’ll be looking for
“The Teeth of the Tiger” (2003) and “Locked On” (2011).

I also recently repurchased “Dream Park” (1981) when my hardcover version failed to turn up in a recent browse through the book shelves. Larry Niven has been one of my most favourite best-est authors since Greg lent me “Protector” (1973) sometime in the late 1970’s. I am now awaiting arrival of Man-Kzin Wars XIII, shipping sometime at the end of January, “Shadow of Freedom” (2012) By David Weber, and my first signed-edition-before-I-bought-it “On Basilisk Station” 12 anniversary signed edition, shipping in early April 2013.

As far as I can tell, I have the complete mainstream works of Niven, Pournelle, Moon, Weber, Heinlein, Foster, Robinson and Robinson, Brin, and many of the “classic” period authors.
It’s getting time to look at revamping the library index again… Has anyone seen an android table app for portable library lists? Ie you just can’t go into a bookstore anymore and purchase something without a good chance of already having it and not knowing. You need an uptodate easily references and searchable listing/index.

That’s about it for current authors and near term releases that I know of. Always on the lookout for new authors but that is much more of a crap shoot with far more misses than hits.