A big construction /repair job had to be completed real soon now as it is time to start the pepper plants from seed. Lack of room and lack of southern windows in the house means the greenhouse must be operational.

“Palruf” style of poly transparent roof material for the greenhouse. Now 5 years old. Warrantied for up to 5 years! Didn’t see that when we purchased and installed it. The rest of it is looking pretty bad as well.
There were foamy bits to stuff in end points to stop air and bugs and where it was, the poly material melted/warped/discoloured. In general it is also very brittle now. When screwing in a patch on the hole, we could hear the brittle breaking sound of more poly. Hopefully the silicon will keep everything dry.
Long term, all four 2’x8′ panels will have to be replaced, with an upgraded version of the transparent poly.

Rotting wood that the eavestrough mounted up against.

So it was a 6 hour job on the weekend to patch the hole, take down the eavestrough, cut back the rotten wood, add in sister supports. We removed the face board completely to get the eaves farther back in and under the roof edge, so there should be better performance out of the trough system … and fewer leaks.