What do you do on a 22 deg C Sunday?
– till up a vegetable bed, pull out the grass roots, add 5 bags of sheep compost (1 bag/50ft^2)
– reinforce a deer fence post; reinforce a post supporting a metal garden gate
– remove an outside sink and stand
– move two rain barrels and barrel stands (now all 3 are 26″ off the ground for water pressure), connect one up to the downspout with a sediment bucket.
– finish adding another coarse of garden ties to the last of the vegetable raised beds – now all are at least 12″ deep/high
– planted onion hairs, onion seeds, overwintered onions, leeks and shallots
– more yard cleanup
– hooked up the water system (no more freezing temperatures!) to the various garden beds and greenhouse.
– get a sunburn because the wide brimmed hat was forgotten
– get the cat down from the roof
– move 3 planters around the wine grape garden

It was busy and tiring and just a taste of things to come.