winter-is-cominga line from the Game of Thrones… quite frightening! But in reality it is “Spring is coming!” See the Youtube Game of Thrones theme

Two days of springlike weather with us outside raking leaves, cleaning up fallen brush from the freezing rain a week ago, planting peas, managing the cold frames and greenhouse and in general, waiting like hell for spring to finally get here.

Rain yesterday, cold overnight and today.. a little bit of sun and cloud. The onions have gone outside the greenhouse for the day. Later today will be the upgrade of another raised bed (#6) with another course? coarse? of garden ties to allow us to add more soil depth.

We attended a meeting of the Heirloom Seed Growers of Eastern Ontario recently and things are moving along on that front.
A consensus was reached on what methods are used to deter various critters, ranging from electric and deer fencing to all kinds of various flowers amongst the crops.

The winds have been particularly high of late and the deer fence corner post has come down a couple of times. Note to self: overbuild in the future.