bbqLast Wednesday August 21st, 2013 we hosted the Lennox and Addington Horticultural Society to a BBQ at our home. 22 people were there, and that was a good turnout. Not too many that things were crowded and more than enough to make all the work worthwhile.

The work was mainly weeding the flower beds and getting the 5 yards of mulch in the day before 🙂 Kim did a great job but was hurting a little afterward. The gardens looked great!

The vegetable beds were pretty much in shape as we tend to spend a lot of time in them during the summer weeding and taking care of them, mainly by picking various bugs off the plants. We had a heavier than normal year for Colorado potato bugs on the potatos and some tomatos, a heavy year for some kind of icky worm in the parsnip, and a very light year for tomato hornworms.. only 4 to date.

Leak moth larvae in the garlic is still indeterminate. We need to take down the 4 weeks dried garlic from the racks, clean them up and prepare for choosing seed for planting this fall and for storage.

All in all that was 10 yards of natural cedar mulch in the last two years and there should be enough of a base that next year the weeds should be heavily suppressed and be a lot less work.