This was our only digital camera, a Canon A2400IS. We got it in September of 2012 and up until 2 months ago, have been ecstatic about it. It was high resolution, had x5 optical zoom, we got used to and actually preferred the builtin Lithium Ion battery pack, instead of AA size rechargables that ususally didn’t.

It’s low light performance was superb. With the addition of the CHDK firmware addon, we could go from a maximum of 15 second exposures to 60 seconds and then even more.

About two months back the lens starting failing to close. Many power cycle attempts sometimes cleared it, sometimes not. One would hear a lot of gear grinding. We began to assist the lens assembly in closing. Then we noticed debris in the lens optical assembly.
Even in maximum wide angle spots would appear in the images. When you used any amount of zoom, the debris got worse and worse. All attempts at cleaning from the outside failed. Taking apart the lens assembly is not a consumer oriented task.

The only other option was to get yet another digital compact camera. We didn’t want to try the same series again, so we watched the sales and came away with a Canon ELPH 120
Similar in capability and on sale for about $120, so far it has been spectacular with its 16 megapixels, x8 optical zoom and an even smaller body. The only feature which seems to be underperforming at the moment is the low light capability.