From 2013 December 23rd:
We’ve recently started watching the Crime drama series Castle, starring Nathan Fillion, whom we first met in the SF series Firefly.

We’ve been binge watching and just completed season2. Lotsa fun to watch and very reminiscent of the Jim Hutton series Ellery Queen, in terms or setting up complex plots with a lot of working through the evidence.

Updated on 2014 January 14.. almost done season 5! Still great writing.. only twice now have we come across some error in the writing… that they forgot to explain away a critical piece of the storyline. All in all much better writing and plots than the vast majority of other (*&^@#($ on today.

Updated on 2014 January 22. Finished! Ran through Season 5 and then caught up to the latest episode in Season 6. Phew!
All in all a great series. Characters are being developed. Characters are going places. Characters still surprise you.

Now that it is done, it is a tossup between Twin Peaks and Babylon 5 as to what is next.