It’s been a fairly quiet season here at SCGO.
But the thaw is coming, the snow and ice are going and soon we will be able to be back outside again.

Some of the upcoming events include:

In the next week or so:
* Opening up the greenhouse and preparing it for auxiliary heat at night
* planting of the tomato seeds
* relocating the Sudden Ionospheric Detector 2 out of the house and into an outbuilding to get it away from RFI

In the next couple of weeks
* prep for the once in a lifetime occultation of a major star (Regulus) by an asteroid
* modifying the SCGO Observatory by raising the roof up 4″
* modifying the LX200 Observatory by stabilizing the pier, and adding a lower wiring enclosed area
* splitting the radiojove data logging services away from the allsky1 camera computer system onto another computer system
* replacing the tardis/torus windows based laptop with a newer faster one that has a working keyboard 🙂
* more work on commissioning the tardis/torus, including pointing model work, adding a finderscope and researching o purchase a newer camera

In the next month or so:
* purchasing and transporting 600kg of sheep manure for the gardens (not as much as it sounds… only 40 bags @ 15kg each)
* purchasing and transporting 5-10 yards of garden earth to top off the veg beds
* raising the height of one raised bed by one more coarse of minities.

But first we have to survive through tomorrow’s 25cm snowfall that is expected along with high winds.