ottawa cfl stadium north side bleachers



Images above: ottawa cfl stadium north side bleachers, 5 yard line, ottawa cfl stadium south side bleachers

We followed the Saskatchewan Roughriders to their first game at the new Ottawa RedBlacks new stadium at Lansdowne Park.
We got our seats about a month before the game and still could only get two together near one of the endzones. As you can see, we are around the 5 yard line, and only 6 rows up. Surprisingly we were able to see a lot of the game, especially since there was a lot of action around the endzones 🙂

The pregame party at the Aberdeen Pavilion was very good. They opened up 3 hours before the game and kept us busy until 5:30, when we were able to enter the stadium.

This was only the 2nd game in Ottawa and the staff and signage still need work. We entered at the nearest gate, had our barcoded tickets scanned, and then had to exit the stadium area from the north side to cross over to the south side, getting “scanned out” and then scanned in again at the other side.
A couple of signs would have helped.

Otherwise the stadium looked complete, the seats well designed and comfortable, with cup holders at knee height. Very useful that last item.