This is how far we got into harvesting compost from our compost bin last week. It is made up of 3 pallets with chicken wire inside. We pulled about 1 foot off the top and put it aside to put back on the pile later. We started digging into the compost and putting it into a wheel barrel. About the 3rd load and another shovel, there was a *lot* of bees flying around. 4 of them found me.. It’s been a lot of years since I had a bee sting. Three around the foot and one on the arm. Ow!

It turns out what looked like a bunch of honeybees? had built a hive inside, at the back and at the bottom of the pile. They did not like this one bit.

Over the course of the day, we cleaned up the outside front edge and put the front section back on and the excess material piled back on top, without getting stung again.

From our research, the hive will either abandon the nest, as it is no longer as insulated as it was before, before the winter, or they may try to rebuild it and depend on us to keep adding more material to the top.

All I can say, it had better be good compost!