The latest in the Linux Fedora distribution was released Tuesday, 2014 Dec 09.

It now comes in three major versions, workstation, server and the new cloud.  Not sure what that is but what the heck.  Progress!

We started with the most non-critical server and ran the internal upgrade process with:

fedup –network 21 –product=server

That ran  for a short time, downloading a GB of so of files.  A reboot followed by about 1 hour of installing and updating.  Another reboot and Fedora 21 was up and running.  Hmm. There seems to be an issue.  Everyone on windows and imacs have lost file sharing to the server via samba.

Hmm.. a few hours of troubleshooting revealed two possible issues, one of which was the new firewalld process was active and blocking connections.

That was fixed with the command

firewall-cmd –add-service=samba

and firewall-cmd –list-services

to confirm what was allowed through.

The 2nd issue was that most client computers needed to have the static IP of the server put into their hosts files before the file sharing connections came back.

Still not sure why or if this was a side affect from the samba Domain Controller being updated.

And as of yet, have yet to try out some of the new Fedora 21 features, like cockpit.  Sounds interesting.