20080916-17(Beds 1,2,3 from a previous year 🙂 Saturday saw the prep of Garden Beds 2 and 6.
We are using 15kg bags of composted sheep manure with a rating of 0.5,0.5,0.5 (pretty benign).

Veg bed 2 is 84 ft^2 and we used 5 bags or 1 bag/17ft^2
We are aiming for 1 bag/25ft^2 so this is close enough.
It was then tilled up and looks like it will not need any topping up of triple mix earth.

Veg bed 6 is 84 ft^2 and we used 4 bags there, or 1 bag/21ft^2
It was tilled up and will require some earth to top it up

Sunday saw the prep of garden beds 4B and 4C.
Veg 4B is 150ft^2 and took 6 bags or 1 bag/25ft^2
Veg 4C is 184ft^2 and took 7 bags or 1 bag/26ft^2
Both of these beds will require a lot of topup earth.

The Mantis tiller started well, performed well, but got all gummed up with grass, grass roots and wet soil.

Veg5 is next at 450ft^2 and we have 15 bags left or 1bag /30ft^ and it will also require a lot of topup earth.