Heritage Tomato tasting
Its time to put the 2015 tomatos into the ground.. and so they did this past weekend (2015 May 30/31). We have moved past the last killing frost of the year and it is time.
The 86 plants have been hardened off for the last week or so. The bed was tilled up, weeds and grass pulled, 3 yards of new triple mix garden earth was added, sheep compost added (0.5,0.5,0.5 at about 1 bag per 30 ft^2), tilled up again, raked smooth, and around the perimeter, weed cloth and sawdust to keep the grass and weeds farther away.
It took about 3 hours to plan, plant, put in signage and update records.
Plants were approx 1.5′ apart in a bed, and approx 2′ row spacing.
It was cool, cloudy and windy with severe thunderstorm warnings for the area.
The 3′ chickenwire fence was inspected and repaired where needed.
The 7′ high deer fence was inspected repaired and where needed.

Alphabetically by type (some spellings are almost certainly iffy.. will correct when possible)
36 types, 86 plants

amish paste
big rainbow
black cherry
costoluto genovese
craigs unknown yellow
craigs unknown yellow #6 plant3
craigs unknown red
craigs unknown yellow #6 plant4
garden peach urban harvest
garden peach FF
german red
golden delight
green grape
ground cherries,
hungarian pinkheart
kelloggs Breakfast
lemon drop
livingston raindrop
mini orange
red cherry
red eros
scarlett beefsteak
southern night
tiny tim