From :
Rod Pedersen

Pass the popcorn.

I swear, this 2015 season for the Saskatchewan Roughriders is like a football movie. You know, like Remember the Titans, Rudy, Any Given Sunday, When The Game Stands Tall and all the rest.

Is it a good movie, a great movie, or a bad one?

I don’t know. You’ve got to watch it to the end to see how it plays out.

The Roughriders are 0-8 following their most recent loss, 34-31 at home to the Calgary Stampeders on Saturday before a sellout crowd of 33,427 at historic Mosaic Stadium. It was the franchise’s first sellout in almost a year and proof positive that the league’s best fanbase has not given up on its team.

Wow. who would have thought? Who could imagine? 8 games played, 8 games lost.
And yet, as Rod notes above… it is a great football movie and we will have popcorn this Sunday afternoon… It will turn around!

We still cringe at simply bad play calling.. yes I’m talking about you Corey. A field goal attempt at the end of the first half? really?
Gainer can make better play calls than this.
Yes.. I’m asking for a promotion.
Gainer for Coach!