In preparation for the return of The Xfiles at the end of January 2016, we have been rewatching the setries from Season1, all the way back in 1993.
Wow. It holds up very well. Most of the 24 episodes were very good in writing, plot and suspense. A couple failed miserably, but what can you say about the writers of the day… not too bright.
We will not have time to rewatch the entire series. That’s a good thing however as the show stuck around for a few seasons to many and really got bad in the end.
Hint to Hollywood writers… go out on top. Don’t let your product die a miserable death.

Back to Duchovny and Anderson. Good chemistry to start but boy was Scully ever wooden. She’s starting to loosen up at the end of the season and into Season2.

Another great thing is to see all of the “local” actors get parts in episode to episode. There have been a lot in Season 1, back before they became famous in later roles.
Don S. Davis (Stargate SG1), as were meeting the Lone Gunmen Bruce Harwood, Dean Haglund and Tom Braidwood for the first time in the show.