Sunday 2016 Feb 14th… Valentines Day morning…. Cold! It actually got down to -34.8C
This is the 2nd extreme cold day .. yesterday went down to -31.2C.
The next day, Monday the 15th, it went up to -2.7C, a 30deg C difference!

And then there was Tuesday and the “Texas storm”. It’s hard to say much about this as we actually know people living in Texas now and should not say bad things about their weather systems! 🙂

The main road had about 1.3 lanes cleared with at least 1-2m wide of snowbank to get through. This could not be done. We parked in the neighbours already cleared out drive and took the next 10 minutes getting the snowblower out, down the drive, and enough passes to be able to get in and park off the road.

After that it took about an hour to get the basic minimal width track to get the vehicle into the garage… maybe 5 passes going dead slow, lest the engine stall.


Various weather services reports 31cm, but that was in Kingston. Here I measured 60 cm up and down the driveway.

At least it warmed up to -5C… but then again, by Thursday morning we are expecting -24C. What a yoyo.. but it gets better! Saturday we are expecting +4C. wonder where all that snow to water will be going?