After a late night of imaging Jupiter, I was up early on Saturday morning with a coffee, brain not yet engaged, when I looked outside to see it still dark and clear skies!
Mars! Out I go to get i na few imaging runs before it got too bright. These were taken Saturday morning 2016 March 19th from 06:35 to 06:39 EDT (10″35 to 10:39 UT)
None are spectacular by any means, but they are probably the best to date as well.
Mars is 10″ arcseconds large; 2649 frames were capture at 11ms exposures over 30 seconds.
Nine images were taken like that and the last one for 60 seconds. The best 75% of the images were stacked and processed.

20cm Meade LX200GPS f20 with x2 celestron barlow alt az mounted, zwo asi120mc camera, dew shield, dew heater.

The animation below shows 10 images over 5 minutes or so, not really enough to show any rotation.mars

azimuth was 196 degrees, past due south and zenith and altitude was 24 degrees, very low and in lots of atmospheric muck.