For the last week now, we have been dismantling our old fencing around veg beds 4&5. This whole garden started small and every year got bigger and bigger, hence it is a hodgepodge or construction techniques, material and in any event is now all overgrown.
Mostly it is chicken wire 3′ high designed to keep out rabbits. That worked fairly well.. but they still got inside from time to time.
Maybe they rode on the backs of the deer that kept jumping over 3’fence.
Then we added 4″x4″x8′ posts set in cement and cement deck blocks, with Lee Valley deer fencing 7′ high around the perimeter. Hmm… The deer still seemed to get inside/through/past that. The winter was never really kind to that nylon fencing either. We generally had to replace a section from time to time.

Now is the chain link fence, 5′ high for now, possibly extended high later. We hope to get the deconstruction completed this weekend and start in on the construction part next.