Looking at our summer rates of electricity her in Ontario Canada provided by the Hydro One Network (as it is a big political issue of late):
cents/kwh Low 8.7 Mid 13.2 and high 18.0

Add in the “Cost of transport and admin overhead” and those costs double. cents/kwh Low 17.4 Mid 26.4 and high 36.0

Assuming a 1kwh load 24/7 we get an average cost of electricity of 22.3 cents/kwh.
One day would be 22.3*24=535 or $5.35 over a 30 day month would be $160

We are actually averaging about 39kwh/day right now so that would be 39/24= 1.625 kwh each day on average.
$5.35*1.625= $8.69 /day
and over a 30 day month would be $260, which comes close to our average monthly billing.

If you are like us, you have already done every measure to conserve that you can, 10 years ago. And the literature keeps saying “replace your incandescent bulbs with CFL or LED”. We did that!

Of note, only 4 years ago in 2012
Low was 6.2 Mid was 9.2 and high was 10.8
and 2016 is
Low 8.7 Mid 13.2 and high 18.0

To determine the costs of transport and admin overhead, a bill breakdown from 2012 was:
electricity $102
delivery $81
other charges and taxes $44
to recap electricity was $102
other charges $125
totaling $227
so the given rates were only 44% of the total, where I estimated 50%.. so the number above should be viewed even worse.