Fall has come. The frost-killed (-3.4 for 30 minutes and 6 hours below 0C on Sunday September 25, 2016) heirloom tomato plants got pulled out of Veg Bed #9 yesterday and we added another coarse of garden mini-ties (3.5″x5.5″x8′) and another 3 wheelbarrels of triple mix garden earth to the pile.

Two basil plants and a couple of geraniums? remain behind for now. As do a *lot* of immature tomatos that came off the plant when pulling out the stakes and the tomato cages. Hopefully the seeds of those are not viable (we saved seeds from ripe tomatos earlier), as there are a few hundred of various types that I did not clear out of the bed first 🙂
Just in case we decide to plant the garlic bulbil project in this bed, it needs to be ready. Having the bed a little taller also helps the soil depth (over a foot at the right end), and the don’t-have-to-bend-over-so-far in general.

Once we purchase a few more 6″ spikes, that top coarse can be nailed down and then we can add a little more earth as well, to bring it up almost to the top.
From past experiments, if we take it up to the top and hill it in the middle, we actually lose soil in rains as it runs out over the edge.