20161024_172920The new poly roof went up on the greenhouse 12 months ago, and has had since day one, a water leak whenever the wind is blowing while raining. That happens more often than you might think.

Left is up, right is down, and the leaks seem to be in the same general areas as the condensation patches you can see on the left of the supports in the to panels at the top of the image.

We tried adding some rustoleum sealant along the edges and also noted that some of the screws were not completely seated, so those were tightened as well.

There is a bead of silicon between each of the 2′ panels, where they overlap. That is meant to stop water flow when the wind picks up the edge of the 2’x8′ poly sheet.
The stains on the wood supports are from the previous roof leaking… mostly. It is hard to tell what is an old leak stain and a new one after it dries.
Here is a closeup of that area