Over a month now of seeing almost daily lockups and kernel panics and crashes of the 4.8.x series of linux kernels used in fedora 24 and now 25.

The problem did not go away on the distribution update.

My attempts at going back to the stable series failed, as it seems you cannot downgrade the kernel back into the previous distribution.
I may be tempted in wiping and reinstalling linux fedora 24 server again and start from scratch, if this keeps up.

I also keep hoping that there will be a discovered kernel bug, but so far, nothing shows up in searches.
I also also keep hoping that a newer kernel update will make the problem go away. After all, we have had a good few years of late of stable systems.

4.9 is due out any day now, but in the meantime I have had to resort to setting up an automatic reboot every day.
In general, a manual power cycle brings the system back up to operational state.
A scheduled reboot should behave just as well if not better.