Despite one of the driest summers on record… a level 3 drought condition was decalred by the local Conservation Authority, on site irrigation helped to produce one of the better years for the Napanee Community Food Bank Garden.

Napanee Food Bank Garden 2016 Harvest Summary
2016 units
beets 5.5 bushel
broccoli indiv
cabbages 97 indiv
carrots 2.5 bushel
cucumbers 0.25 bushel
green beans 6.83 bushel
green onions 2.5 bushel
hot peppers bushel
kale 14.5 bushel
Lettuce 12.75 bushel
onions 3.45 bushel
other varied 1.5 bushel
peas bushel
peppers 9.25 bushel
potatos bushel
squash 8 indiv
swiss chard 18.5 bushel
tomatos 16.75 bushel
turnips 3 bushel
yellow beans bushel
zucchini 0.75 bushel

Total Bushels 98
Along with 97 cabbages and 8 squash