We’ve tried various kitchen undercounter lighting systems in the past… first were fluorescent, the compact fluroscent.. both took too long to turn on, to come up to full brightness, and full brightness was not great. Finding replacement bulbs was difficult as well.
Then along came the first LED fixtures. A little nicer, used less power, but not very bright. We had two chained together.

This is the latest and greatest. Bright white LED strip lighting, 16′ long which enabled us to make two passes under the counters. Pretty much lifetime lifespan of 50k hours, and only about 20 watts. Too bad the manufacturer did not list the lumen output… but it is bright. The brightest of all of the ones we have ever used.

We are now looking for the main kitchen light fixture replacement, in an LED fixture. Home Depot has some nice Hampton Bay designs, and sometimes they even list important information!
3010 lumens using 43 watts with a 50K hour lifespan at 4000K colour level (a little warmer than 5000 K lighting). Now if we can only find out if they are ableto work with a PWM dimmer switch.