over 500 garlic plants with over 75 types

The 2016/2017 crop of garlic has been cleaned, weighed, measured and stored away in the cold room.
Time to start thinking about the 2017/2018 crop.
A summary of when we have planted in the past:
2016 Nov 05
2015 Oct 11
2014 Nov 02
2013 Oct 19
2012 Oct 20
2011 Oct 10
2010 Oct 23
2009 Oct 12
2008 Oct 18
2007 Oct 13

We basically watch the weather forecasts two weeks out and look for a downturn.. or a heavy frost (-3C or colder) night, and try to plant a week or two before that. Enough time for the cloves to establish a few roots, and with them being down 4″ they will have more time before a sustained cold affects them.
We have been getting better at planting, moving from 7-8 hours with 300 cloves to maybe 6 hours with 500+ cloves.
Being organized helps and having the bed ready to go is also a critical.
The beds (rotated from last year) will be tilled, compost and composted sheep manure added, then tilled again, at least a month before planting… which is around now.
Other prep includes having the garlic seed chosen in advance, cracking the bulbs in advance and having at least 6 ready to go in a labelled bag and a labelled stick for the ground.
The 6 hole dibbler should be cleaned and ready to go as well.

This year we decided to put down covering straw over the entire bed, including walking paths, instead of just the bed.