This is the complete video that we have from the Total Solar Eclipse from south of Jay Em Wyoming on Monday 2017 August 21st. The camcorder does record a timestamp but only displays it upon playback from the camcorder… so the digital file itself did not contain onscreen timestamps. We made one edited video without timestamps and posted that earlier. This one was played back in realtime from the camcorder to a DVD recorder. The DVD was then digitized using Handbrake and turned into this 80MB file that runs for 2 hours 19 minutes 29 seconds, which is less than the total event. We had several instances of the camcorder turning itself off during the event. It ended up being 6 files of varying length that we had to put together as the first step. The camera time was set manually using an “atomic clock” as reference and should be within 1 second of realtime. The time measured for totality using this video and a stopwatch came in at 2 minutes 28seconds.

The recording was not metering correctly at the start, but about 8 minutes in we were able to do a spot meter on the sun itself, and that made the sunspots visible.
The camcorder was mounted to a Celestron GT mount that performed not too badly. Initially we pointed it at the sun (with a baader solar filter) and told it to sync to solar system object Moon. and it did not too badly. The shaking was caused by the high winds at the sight, just south of Jay Em Wyoming.
Latitude 42.416951 North
Longitude 104.356154 West
Time Zone: Mountain Daylight Time (UT-6)