Wow.. another December already? Already three months plus past our first total solar eclipse, out in Southeastern Wyoming.

We continue on experimenting with Raspberry Pi model 2B microcomputers and have had some success with motion detection surveillance systems. They are now being commissioned. The next iteration will be a Pi 3B and the zwo asi120mc allsky camera system. Our existing systems are *old*, monochrome and lo resolution. We hope to start testing a *new, colour, higher resolution system this month. Not only for fireballs and other bright meteors, but also for aurora.

We have upgraded more outdoor lighting to full cut off, lower lumen LED, dropping both our power use and our power bills. We are on time of use here for 5+ years now?
shows our high rates to be 15.7, mid 11.3 and low 7.7 cents/kwh. This of course is a total lie. These numbers only show the generation cost. Here in ontario we also pay for distribution and delivery and other fees, which more than doubles the numbers above.
In reality, delivered to our house, high rates are 31, mid 22 and low 15 cents/kwh
low rates are 12 hours/24 from 7pm to 7am
mid rates are 6 hours/24 from 11am-5pm
high rates are 6 hours/24 from 7-11am and 5-7pm

They also send us reports every so often that compare us to other customers in our area with similar sized houses and heating system and tell us that we use far more than the average. Again, impossible to believe as we are models of conservation, have no air conditioning for the summer months. Arrgg! It is so bad that these reports are now dismissed out of hand.