There have been server issues for the last few days… hard to troubleshoot and diagnose to be sure. Thought it was a bad mariadb database, maybe bad guys getting into the system. Turns out it was a simple case of running our of memory, causing a core dump and poor performance.
This system has had 4GB of RAM for quite awhile 2x2GB of DDR2. It normally handles that well with all functions and features running, at about 25-50% load max. Recently this runs that way, then pops up to near 100% and swap file use.
I think we have narrowed it down to a new feature… taking still images and converting them into an animated .gif file using the ImageMagick utility “convert”. Convert has been working fine but I guess there is a difference between converting a dozen or two images vs a thousand or two 🙂
Another process had been running amuck, generating a lot of still images.
Hopefully this will run stable for the next day… we will see!

I did find some extra RAM laying about and was able to upgrade this from 4GB to 6GB and it is running even better now. Linux uses extra memory for cache, making things seem a little faster.

* Update * kernel crashes? dropped off the network sometime Saturday evening. Rebooted into an older kernel 4.13.15 for now to see how it goes.