Finally! What took them soooooo long???

Prison farms in Kingston had the best stats on prison programs reform. The Previous conservative government under harper aid they were not relevant… funny how training in farming is not relevant to todays society… hard working. work ethics.. reliability… food production, inventory management, food preparation, heavy machinery training in operation and maintenance…
I could go on for a lot of more but will stop for now.


The Liberal government committed $4.3 million over five years to reopen the prison farms at Joyceville and Collins Bay institutions.
The farms are to be run by a Correctional Service Canada rehabilitation agency. The farms were closed by the Conservative government in 2010.
Dowling said the campaign to restore the prison farms was successful because of broad support across the community.
Collins Bay and Joyceville were among about a half-dozen prison farms across the country closed by the previous government. Dowling said about 30 dairy cows descended from the original Collins Bay herd are still available to be purchased by the government to start to rebuild the prison herd.

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Supporters pushed to have the prison farm reopened as a way to rehabilitate inmates, and to promote local sustainability. They’ve protested outside the prison virtually every week for the past 8 years, vowing to remain there until “the cows come home.”