Microsoft Windows 10 just did another update on one of our old data logging computers, a Toshiba Netbook NB305.
After the reboot, it was unresponsive. Many reboots later it was still unresponsive.
So it was wiped and windows 7 pro was installed, followed by radio skypipe v3.7.6, which worked just fine!
Skypipe was upgraded to v3.7.33 and it still worked fine. Now we are reconfiguring and tweaking and it is starting to come back online.
Audio levels are different so we still have to test inputs and verify them.
In any events, windows updates were disabled and the utility never10 was also installed to ensure that this computer never upgrade it self to win10 all on its own, ever again. Which is what happened last time. Windows 10 did slow this system down to a crawl.
Windows 7 is running much better, more free RAM as well.