Greetings this penultimate day!

In any event, we received out RASC Observers Handbook 2019, a backbreaking 352 pages with narrow margins.

As usual, we take it to Staples to get the binding cut, and a spiral coil installed, such that, as displayed in the attached image, one can lay the book flat. Which we often do whilst observing… lay it flat at the page of interest for reference purposes.

We have asked that RASC print a small number with this coil binding but that was rejected.

So we do it ourselves and it used to be around $5 per book. Today it is now over $10. That and the fact that the margins are so narrow, when the binding is cut and the holes punched for the coil, they are so close to the edge that now I have pages coming loose.

Loose pages is a dealbreaker, so this may be the last year for this concept.