Time has been slipping away of late. Spring was late, summer will be late and there are still so many things to do.
There is still a pile (smaller) of earth in the driveway, waiting to go into beds. There is still a lot of grass in the flower beds, waiting to come out. There is still a lot of planetary imaging to be done, especially as there has not been any in two years really.

So.. the next few days will be a trifle busy…
The strawberries have been covered to protect them from the ravages of the evil chipmunks… we hope to transplant all of the heirloom veg into the ground over the next 5 days. That will then free up time to move the rest of the dirt and pull the rest of the grass. Which then leads to cutting the lawn.. again.
Which then… finally! leads to mounting an old in storage 15cm newtonian optical tube on a bracket to attached to another optical tube on a mount. If the ZWO ASI 290MC camera then can come to focus.. presto! we may be doing some imaging again… before Jupiter gets too far around the sky.

This image of Jupiter was two years ago to this day. We now have a better camera and will be using a slightly smaller telescope… will see what happens!