Monday 2019 July 22 was the great garlic harvest of 2019 Day Two. We put in two hours of pulling the garlic out of the ground after loosening with a digging fork.
Vegbed 2 (70 ft^2) was partially completed on Day One and completely finished on Day Two.
Vegbed 3 (60 ft^2) was also harvested along with Vegbed 1 (110 ft^2).

Remaining are two more beds: vegbed 9 (60 ft^2) and vegbed 10 (60 ft^2). We should be able to make a dent in those after work today.

The ground is so dry that cleaning this year is done without water, just wiping the dirt off and then hung up to dry for a couple of weeks under the leanto shade with good moving air as some of the walls are just insect netting.

The spring growing season was very cool, cloudy and wet. This may have contributed to the larger than normal amount of winterkill this year, along with a much smaller bulb size in general.