We started work on indexing the library. We are trying out various processes on other collections to find the best method before we look to the science library (the largest).

The older method of getting all details including publisher, date, printing, edition, isbn, 2ndary titles, extra authors or editors.. was too much.
Now we are starting to settle on author, title and if we still have it on the shelf 🙂

General science fiction has topped out at over 1000 volumes.
Above is a snapshot of the Star Trek genre. We found it easier to take an image of the bookshelf and then manually transcribe the info from there, rather than moving the books to the computer or going back and forth. We have also tried a barcode scanner and software, but the vast majority of our books were published before ISBN came into effect…
So far the Treks have gone over 200.
A guess at the science section.. over 2000? the gardening section? over 500.