The Lennox and Addington Horticultural Society met this week, on Wednesday, 2020 February 19th at our new location of St. Patricks Church, 179 West St, Napanee. Ample free parking across the street, meeting room in the new addition.
23 members and guests were in attendance.
The invited guest speaker was Elaine Collins, President of the Gananoque Horticultural Society, who spoke on English Garden Experiences, a travelogue of 5 gardens.
The meeting adjourned at 8:45pm
Our website is:

FYI their (Gananoque) dues are Membership -$20 SINGLE $25 FAMILY
Kingston Hort dues: $20/person; $25/family; Visitors $3.00
Collins Bay dues: $10/person; $15 family
Brockville dues: $10 single & $15 family
Belleville dues: $15 or $25 family
Bath dues: $10 single, $15 family
Bancroft dues: single – $15; family – $20
Ameliasburgh dues: $12 per person
Land’o’Lakes dues: $20 per person
Prince Edward County dues: $15 single, $25 Family
Rideau Lakes dues: $15
Stirling dues: Adult $15, Youth $2
Trenton dues: $15 per person
Tweed dues: $12 single and $16 family. Junior members: $1 per year (ages 8 to 17). Non-member fee per meeting is $3.
Lastly, our dues here in L&A: Fees are $10 single, $12 Family

histogram single membership: 4@$10, 2@$12, 6@$15, 3@$20
histogram family membership: 1@$12, 3@$15, 1@$16, 1@$20, 1@$24, 4@25, 3@$30, 1@$40
L&A have the lowest fees in the district.

One math challenge was brought up:
Tomato seeds are more expensive than gold. True or false?
The internet says there are 8-10k seeds/ounce. I find that hard to believe but will go with it until I get scale and measure some seeds myself.
Let’s work in metric.. because.
28g=1oz so 8k seeds in 28g = 285 seeds/g
Retail catalogue pricing of tomatos seeds tends to be 10 for $5 or $.50 each. We will go with our own SCGO heirloom tomato seed pricing of 20 seeds for $2 or $0.10 each

So Tomato seeds one gram 285 seeds @ $0.10 is $28.50/g
Todays price of gold is $52.15/g

So… tomato seeds are *NOT* as or more expensive than gold… BUT if you buy at retail prices of x5 over our benchmark then yes, they can be double the price of gold.