And this is the latest design revision for our raised beds. This is VegBed2, first built in 2005 out of mini garden ties. Over time they were thought to be strong, long lived and cost effective. Over 15 years later, they were none of the above. In addition to being too shallow, they rotted out, split and were a pain.
So, the old walls were removed and new 2×8 layers were put in. This gives us 15″ of soil depth, more than before. We also capped the top with 2x4s to help it maintain its straightness during the winter frost heave, that tends to push out the centres. This new bed is 4’x24′ and it actually more square footage than the older version.
In addition, the top cap will allow us to build a plastic cold frame hoop in the future.
The parts list is eight 2″x8″x8′ and seven 2″x4″x8′, black weed cloth lining the inside.